Dance stylist

Dance Stylist Roles & Responsibilities

When hired as a Dance Stylist, you represent Da Silva Studio Photography. You are hired to assist the photographer in posing dance students in individual and group photos. Your responsibilities include:

  • Each dancer should have 2 good poses. Be prepared when posing children, do not hesitate or contemplate poses for too long.

  • Make sure dancers look beautiful (style them in poses that work with their skill level).

  • When posing groups, make sure all students can be seen.

  • Assist with the flow of the shoot, keeping the photographer and dancers on schedule.

  • Confirm that slating (see page 2) of groups and individuals are done properly.

  • Be positive, friendly, kind and upbeat at all times.

Booking a Shoot

Bookings will be made based on your personal availability. Stylists will be emailed prior to with basic details, time, day and rate, of each shoot. You can then respond with your interest on each shoot. You will not be confirmed until responded to with a confirmation of your booking. Once confirmed you may not cancel. If you must cancel, you are responsible for finding a replacement and you may not be contacted for future shoots.

Uniform & Decorum

You will be provided with apparel and are expected to be dressed in your Da Silva attire for all shoots. Please arrive to shoots clean and kempt, especially if arriving to the studio after a long drive. If you are in need of additional uniform attire for multiple day shoots, please feel free to ask Aly Coppelli. Please always wear:

  • • A Da Silva Shirt, hoodie or pant. If you are wearing Da Silva pants, you may wear a plain black, grey, or burgundy top.

  • • Clothing should be fitted to show proper lines and posing. (Do not wear sheer clothing.)

  • • Hair must be pulled away from face in a bun or ponytail.

  • • You may wear dance shoes or flexible sneakers.



Slates are made by Sales Reps and given to all dancers who have purchased individual photo sessions. Each slate provides the Child’s Name, Costume Total, and Class Numbers.

MealS & Accommodations

Full day shoots will include a lunch break. Staff are responsible for their own meals. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks that you feel you may need throughout the day. When booked for overnight shoots you will be provided with accommodations. Rooms may be shared with another stylist, registrar, or photographer of the same gender. You also will be compensated a $25 per diem for each night you are at a gig.


All Dance Stylists are Freelance Artists and shall be paid as Independent Contractors under Net 30 (payment is due within 30 days after job is completed). Each shoot will be offered as a flat rate fee based on the time and length of the studio shoot and $100 travel expenses, if they apply. In order to be paid, you must email an invoice to An example invoice is attached. Please complete invoices in the exact layout or it may cause a delay in your payment.